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Merit of our system

What is M-Matching System

It is a BtoBtoC System, which stores, distributors, makers can do business anonymously.

What's the differece between the other BtoB business.

It is normal to provide the platform for the companies who can do business each other directly, the provider will never touch in the logistics. The main income of provider is from introduction fee, membership charge,and internet advertisement.
If use M-Mathing System , all the participants do business anoymously and indirectly.
To close the deal , the seller need to deliver the products to us at first ,then we will check and deliver to buyer. Also we will deal with the settlement between the seller and buyer to keep the anoymity of both.

Merit of our system
  1. First, when your company has surplus commodity, you can sell them through our system with your wanted price, not to turn back to the distributors in a very low price.
  2. So you would not take much risk of surplus commodity as there are people, companies need your stock that you don't want at a good price.
  3. Second, when you need some stock for your market, but you can not find it with a good price,then here Matching world system is an efficient network for you to find what you want with varieties of merchandise.
  4. Also you can confirm the market rate by using market history, ranking in different weeks and the history rank service is free.
  5. There are three ways of dealing in the system. (1) Upload your stock in the system (2) Wholesale price order to us(3)"Request" to find out what you need for very rear commodity.
How much is the fee to use this system?
  • Free, anybody can use it, but you have to apply ID and password to use our system.
    ※Internet auction, is not included in the matching system.
  • There is no extra charge beside the price shown in the system.
    ※Tax is included in the system, but for overseas customer , tax is free,please email us for more information.
  • Transportation cost needed, our sales man will tell you detail cost to your country.
  • Anonymity is protected. Your company won't be open to anyone unless you want to sell your own brand and want others to know your company. The merchandise will go through our company, so both buyer and seller can have a condinator for purchasing process, in case there is any trouble of commodity, so everybody can have a safty enviroment to go on with business and more efficiently.