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For beginner

Welcome to M-Matching System.

As a specialized site for corporate customers (including of indivisual shops), amusement-related products has been handled, such as video games, trading cards, DVD, PC games ,etc.

What can do with the site ?
  • Purchasing of new release games,hardware,parts
    ( wholesale is available of preorder and repeat order for wholesaler ) .
  • Selling and Purchaseing are available by M-Matching System.
    ( It is needed to apply for the ID and Password before using ) .
  • Application for carpooling leaflets and advertisement
    (The carpooling leaflets can be used which are issued by gaming-related expert advertisement agencies from Famicon time.)
  • The availability of used games' market price table
    (Many ways to support by Excel data, used game business system ect.)
    ※For more information please check on each page
What is M-Matching System

It is a new distribution system, which aim at the excess inventory of stores, distributors and maker, who can sell and buy each other freely and completely anonymously.
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※ It is available only to corporations , so the registration is not accepted,from the individuals who want to sell in online auctions .

Concerning about purchasing and selling
  • Log-in is needed before purchase.
  • At first ,it is needed to apply for ID and Password. Please fill in the regulation format with necessary items and requirment about our service, then E-mail or fax to us. After review , ID and Password will be issued by our staff.
  • After obtaining ID and password,products database and maching market price among distribuors can be viewed in free.