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President's Greeting

Confusional Video Game Industry
Sluggish sales and lower earnings are common concern in the industry.
It is really needed to bring but only a little vitality to the stores

Our company was established on June.2001,named "Machida".
In the purpose of the video game industry's healthy development through the expanding of more systematic Matching system, and to build global Maching net, we change the company's name to "Matching World Inc"
Our m-matching system is how to cash in the video game's stock .
The stores upload your stock information on our system and the other participating stores will purchase orders, and in between we are buying and selling.
Items already handled are more than 100,000 items, covering almost all the games in business . when excess inventory occurs , our Matching system, as a strong side, are widely available would be apprectiated.
Because the information of by business , the sales mareket price the trend of new release item can be confirmed by our system, it is also very helpful to the purchasing and the setting of price.
To use the system, it is absolutely free,
except for the commission of a sales contract.
Through this system, we all employees will continue to strive to contribute to the healthy development of confusional video game industry.

Matching World Inc.
Reresentative Director
Hiroshi Machida